Busy Mom Dinner Hack - 4 Ingredients I Always Have On-Hand

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You know it well.. it’s been a hectic day, you aren’t sure what’s up for down and all you can be sure of is that thankfully everyone made it through in one piece. Then you look up and it’s dinner-time. How on earth did that sneak up on you? And, if you’re honest, you don’t even have the mental capacity to try and think about what you could throw together quickly to feed the kids, who seem to be turning rabid by the minute. This is my go-to. It’s super easy and Poynter kid-approved (which if you know my 4 year old, you know this is quite a feat).

This past week we had actually been at the lake all day, enjoying the last of our summer before football descends upon us and takes over. It’s seriously so easy and quick that it keeps us from eating out. 

The only ingredients you need: 

Self rising flour (1 1/2 cups)

Plain Greek Yogurt (1 cup)

Marinara (or really any pasta sauce will do)


This time I meat drawer in the fridge yielded pepperoni.. so we through that in the mix too. We actually did not have any sauce so I sent hubby to the store and he got a little fancy on me and bought a seasoned tomato paste and tomato sauce. You just whisk these two together and it actually was pretty tasty. But don’t make yourself crazy.... if you’re stocking up the pantry, regular, out-of-the-jar pasta sauce will do the trick!

When he first came home with those I thought... wait whaaaattt??? No, I needed marinara or pasta sauce... but then I had a little taste, and (gulp) had to eat my words. I even saved the rest in the fridge for later in the week.. WIN!

Okay, now down to the nitty gritty. Preheat the oven to 475. Mix together the Greek yogurt and self rising flour. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle in a little garlic salt for extra seasoning, but it’s not a necessity. I use a fork for mixinguntil it’s all crumbly looking and then take the rings off and use my hands to knead it the rest of the way. It also doubles as a pretty great stress ball.

Spread some flour on a pizza stone (or you can use a jelly roll pan or cookie sheet). I then spray my rolling pin with olive oil to make rolling it out easy. In the past, I’ve covered it with some flour and that works as well if you don’t have anything else to grease it up with. Roll it out until it’s as thick or thin as you would like for it to be.

I then fold over the edges to make the crust. If I’m feeling a little rambunctious then I may even spread some mozzarella around the edges and make it stuffed crust.... I love me some cheese!


Now spread the pasta sauce over the crust and top with whatever ingredients your heart desires. This time I did a layer of cheese, then pepperonis, then a little more cheese on top... because cheese is life.

In the past we have done spinach with chicken and tomato slices, BBQ sauce as the pizza sauce with chicken and sautéed onions, Mexican pizza, you name it. We often use this as a tasty way to empty the fridge of all of our left overs. Don’t feel like repeating the same meal? Throw it on a pizza or quesadilla and you’ve got yourself some variety!

When you’ve got it just how you like it, pop it in the oven for 12-15 minutes and then you’re done! I’m not really a crust kind of person, but I truly do love this crust. 

I love how easy it is because our kids can get involved in the prep work. We’ve also used it for small group dinners at our house before. We used to serve in the pre-marital ministry at our church and we had our small group over and each of the couples made a pizza together. It was super fun and easy, plus it had everyone gathered together which made for some great conversation. 

If you come up with some creative pizzas using this crust let me know!!! I’m always looking for new, fun pizzas to make! I had someone tell me to bake the crust and then put cream cheese and fruit on it for a dessert or for a brunch type get-together.... this is definitely on my to-do list. I may even go a little crazy and use the vanilla or vanilla-honey Greek yogurt for the crust. Would be perfect for a mid-morning shower or bday party.

Later in the week I plan on using this crust to make some “hot pockets” to put in the freezer for Tommy’s lunches/snacks during two-a-days. If it turns out well I’ll let ya’ll know! But until then, I hope this comes in handy and makes life on-the-go a little easier!

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