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If you’re like Coach, you’re an early riser and like to take your time to eat, drink coffee, read the Bible, and mentally prepare for the day. If you’re like me, you get up at the absolute last minute and scurry on out the door! No matter which camp you fall into, ready-to-go breakfast is always a win in my book. Anytime I can take one more thing off the daily checklist, I’m all over it.

These overnight oats are filling and super easy and pretty inexpensive. Plus, you can take a little creative liberty with them so it’s not the same ‘ol thing week after week. We usually put them together on Sundays and then breakfast for the week is done. Coach will usually eat these before he leaves the house and then have a snack of some sort after am practice/meetings. If I’m an overachieving wife then I will make some freezer breakfast tacos that he can take with him on the way out the door.

Here’s the recipe for our overnight oats:

3/4 cup oats

2/3 cup liquid (we use almond milk, but you can use regular milk, coconut milk, etc)

1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (optional)

whatever toppings your heart desires :)

Mix the first three ingredients together and then add in the toppings. This week, for 3 of them I drizzled honey and stirred in some PB2 powder (yay protein!) and sliced some bananas on top. If you need a little sweetness in your life, you could even add in some semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips. For the remaining 3, I drizzled some honey in the jar and then topped with blueberries and strawberries. If I have them on hand, I will often add in some pecans or almonds. I love that I can tailor this recipe to whatever I happen to have on hand at the time!

If you come up with some creative combos I’d love for you to share!



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